Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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Civil Protection Network said...

Gems in Singapore? Didn't know. Happily surprised.


Fasting Prayer for Nations

Every 1st Saturday, 10am - 2pm, we have a fasting prayer to plead for the salvation of nations in and around us. Around 30 committed prayer partners from various denominations gathering together for this awesome time of standing in the gap.

Teaching the Word

Every Saturday at 8pm, at Jurong West, we conduct a Bible study to the brothers who are saved through our outreach work. They are given deep study in the bible to bear more fruits in their personal life. (deep rooted)

Soul Winning - Send them to reach their own

Brothers who were separated for Christ, are encouraged to share the gospel inside their own dormitories where we dont have access. A small group is prepared for this job on every wednesday at 8pm at Boonlay. (discipleship)

Evangelism Skit

YOUTH DAY @ Malaysia

Outreach Sharing

Testimony in PROFIT fellowship

Christmas Celebration at PROFIT fellowship

Annual 3 days Fasting Prayer

Outreach English Course

Gospel Meetings at Myanmar